Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some background

An interminable period of time ago (two months), I ordered one of the new Toshiba ultralights to replace my aging Sharp Actius MM20 (a fine machine).

Toshiba Protege R500
Toshiba RX1 (Dynamism)
Another owner's R500 review.

64 GB SSD, extended battery, RAM upgrade, no DVD drive. Almost no moving parts (only that pesky CPU fan, which the Actius managed to do without). Pricey.

A few weeks ago it arrived the day I left for vacation (argh!). One week ago I returned and installed Kubuntu on it. The immediate results: suspend-to-ram worked (suspend-to-disk, not so much), X worked, sounds worked, ethernet worked, touchpad worked, USB worked. Not working: SD reader, volume control, brightness button, 'i' button, fingerprint sensor, wifi.

The past few days have been spent getting e17 installed and my standard working environment set up. Time to tackle those device issues.


  1. Where did you get one? I've been looking around and haven't found anyone (including toshibadirect.com) who offers them.

  2. I ordered one from toshibadirect back in July; it took over two months to arrive.

    Apparently I lucked out -- there were a few days where it was listed as "In Stock, shipping in 3-4 weeks" right before the press release, and I was shopping for a laptop right then.