Monday, January 3, 2011

Ubuntu getting crappier and crappier

Stupidly made the decision to upgrade to 10.10 (for a single package!) on the main laptop (mbpro 5,5) and poof! No wireless!

Seriously, it's been three releases since an ethernet cable was required to do an upgrade.


Only question now is how many hours of productivity are going to be lost fixing what *was* a perfectly working system before the upgrade.

The sad fact is that os x and windows are just as unreliable for upgrades (while being less usable), and FreeBSD refuses to even glance at this hardware.

A decade ago, this shit used to *work*!

Running log of the fixes:

* apt-get install gnome-icon-theme to get NetworkManager running again. There is no fix for Wicd; it has apparently "stopped working".

* apt-get install gnome-alsa-mixer to un-mute the sound. Kmixer has been reduced from 7 or so channels to 1 (without a mute option).

* uninstall ruby 1.9 via apt-get. Download and install rvm (system-wide as this is a workstation), then do 'sudo rvm --default use 1.9.2' to make 1.9 the system-wide default (might roll that back later).

* reinstall all 1.9 gems.

* rebuild the passenger apache module ('sudo passenger-install-apache2-module') and update the config files to point to the new location.

* fix all rack-based webapps to include the line
    $: << File.dirname(__FILE__)
in and in each Sinatra::Base application file, as something got screwed in the ruby-passenger-rack environment, and PassengerRoot is no longer in the Ruby module path.

See? A smooth, seamless upgrade! You almost don't even notice that it happened!

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