Monday, August 8, 2011

knotify4 uses 100% CPU

This is true, and has been for awhile. It tends to occur when a laptop is suspended while online, then resumed while offline. A nice side effect is that battery life gets reduced by about 75% while offline, which is generally when one wants the longest battery life.

There are plenty of bug reports open on this, but it's pretty clear that the KDE/Kubuntu guys either have no clue how to fix this, or cannot be bothered.

Since knotify4 isn't really all that useful (especially when using E17 for a WM), there is a brutal hack that will effectively silence it:

sudo mv /usr/bin/knotify4  /usr/bin/knotify4.orig
sudo cp /bin/true /usr/bin/knotify4

Needless to say, the original file should be restored before doing an upgrade.


  1. Note that knotify4 might not run alone, so the best solution is a killall knotify4.

    A quick look through Google shows this is a long standing major problem for numerous problem that is quite damaging to the impression of Linux and KDE as a viable platform. Just how they can continue like that is hard to understand.

  2. An easier way to workaround this seems to be to disable system notifications sounds